STop Using Meditation as Advil:

We create or add to our "stress" and Illnesses. Then we try to "de-stress" or "self-care" it away... It's exhausting- and bankrupting our time, money, and minds

DOWNLOAD this audio and worksheet to learn the single most important skill out of 12 developed by the people who brought alternative medicine and transformative leadership to the U.S.

The health and wellness of you, your team and your family starts with a simple waking up to your power.  You are already infecting everyone around you with your mood, your pain, your upset or your joy... who is designing those things? What endogenous drugs are you already giving yourself and your cohort moment by moment? 

  • Have conversations with friends, family, coworkers to awaken to living more fully. Not theoretical: Learn the first of 12 Skills!

  • Understand your body more effectively for the sake of all those you impact, including your children, employees, coworkers, partners?

  • Own your “lightswitches” for creating ease or disease moment to moment. Learn to use them intentionally and teach others in your life to have more ease as well.

  • Choose to live an empowered life so those around me are inspired to do so as well.

    *These are the harvest of over 40 years of healing and transformational leadership work...You get to practice what empowers. 

What our students say:

There is much progress; I have practiced every day. (I have failed twice, but they were so much in contrast with the practice that they helped me realise what I want even more significantly).  I feel a lowering of my center of gravity, and a general sense of restfullness. It has impacted all my relationships. I have been sleeping much better, and a catching up on months of lost sleep. - Leeya M.,  Washington DC

“’navigating' is a new, simple, powerful presenting of skills—and though i have been around for many years this workshop is radical in showing me a beautiful and new depth of practice —i am glad and grateful to be a beginner in this learning field.” - Dianne C.,  Columbia MD

“I can already see a profound impact on all of my relationships--we are more direct, use clearer language, are in better touch.” -Ryan, Brooklyn NY

“Your methods for teasing out the "so what" from within me are frustrating and brilliant.... Simple skills matter greatly.” -Glennie, Retired US Army 

"I've been more precise, more attentive, more present." Karen J. 

"I think of you so often and will never forget how instrumental your words were in guiding me to where I needed to be for James to enter the world the way that he did." -Irene L.

"I need to make a Jade file with all the words of wisdom you share and healing advice." -Gina B.

What our clients say:

Karen Jordan, Pepsico:

1) The work my team did with Wisdomwell was a catalyst to creating an open dialogue on my team with respect to health and wellness. Many of my team members have acknowledged the difference it has made for them and their families to put the tools and processes in place to create a more balanced and peaceful life.

2) We began engagement in our work on Effectiveness and Presence at the same time that we were also starting a journey to create a safer environment within the workplace. In 2012 and 2013, we reduced our injuries by 50% each year. While there were many new tools and processes put in place, I think that the work with your team allowed my leaders to connect with their personal commitment to every person’s health and wellness in their organization. From that context, we were able to create an environment where Safety was more than mandates and processes, it was clearly a heartfelt commitment and value that took hold throughout our region.

This is only a small start, and I wanted to at least provide a couple of critical items as acknowledgement of the contribution your work and our partnership has made to my team.

Thanks so much…

Brian W. NSA:

"Apologies, I needed to skirt out after today's learning. I did want to bring into conversation what I have seen at NSA of late and the push for wellness... let me say this. What you are doing, bringing, visioning is beyond ordinary. While the lessons are simple they have been forgotten and there is a longing for them. Bringing this to 100 families is good....bringing it to a corporation or two is better....

bringing it to the Pentagon, Government, the largest corporations is where it needs/should be."

KathyLee Kidd, FINRA

...I had reached out to some folks at work offering to share some of what I had been learning through this apprenticeship.   I was specifically offering a lunch session around Requests and Demands.   Although I've been bringing this to my three teams, this was the first time I took the larger step of making it an offering to colleagues.

The time since then has been quite an unfolding.    In the last few weeks I've had opportunity to talk at the most senior levels about why this matters and how it can be a different world that we create together.    Each time when I thought of going small, I didn't because I know it serves and having been lucky enough to have learned from you and Bob I must share this.  

Today I did my first presentation and discussion specifically around what we call Team Agreements - how do you have conversations around how we want to show up to each other each day and what we want to create together.   How do we stay in curiosity?   Do we even know there's a different possibility than the suffering that exists in some of our work areas?    How do we move from words on a page to a culture that reflects those words?  I felt I'd finally found a way to deliver this so that it could be heard in corporate america.

As I stood there delivering the workshop it all just poured out of me.   I heard words and questions come out of me from Dianne, Susan, Bob and Jade - they've become a part of the fabric of who I am.   Because of you I knew to pay attention to my body as I did this and that literally being grounded with my feet on the floor and my body relaxed - which is a new body for me  - would keep me in that place of curiosity and able to feel what arises in my body.   Because of you I brought a joy, an energy, a caring, and a boldness as part of the gift of my offering.   Because of you and Bob I was able to weave many of the ideas - at least the possibility of them - into a workshop that resonates with them.

...I sincerely thank you for what you've given me so that I can share that at FINRA - and give it back to you.   Fiona, Terri, and Karen you have been tremendous supporters, and teachers, along this path with me in the corporate world I wanted to thank you and share this with you.


Who Am I anyway?

Jade Connelly- Duggan, M. Ac., L.Ac. 

A high school dropout who helped NSA communicate more effectively with CIA and saved Pepsi's culture merge when purchasing Gatorade, all while maintaining a private acupuncture practice, training other healthcare providers and providing over 25,000 acupuncture treatments per year in one of the most underemployed neighborhoods in the U.S., Jade is always looking for the most impactful way to use her skills to leave a better world for the next generation. 

Growing up in a family of wellness and organizational development pioneers, Jade was the original guinea pig for the foundations of what later became the first graduate degree program in transformative leadership and social change in the U.S.  

Using these skills from the arenas of ontology, biology and cognition alongside her clinical acupuncture practice gives her a particularly practical and physiologically grounded skills-based approach to culture and leadership design. 

Jade's favorite work is in the arena of empowering more effective living and leadership through listening to the body.  Her unique skill is in teaching individuals and groups to notice and activate their physiology towards leadership- thus naturally away from stuckness or "stress" patterns. 

Jade has worked with leaders and groups from Pepsi, FINRA, NSA, Accenture, Lockheed Martin, FDA amongst others in the arenas of leadership, communication, mindfulness, safety and corporate culture development.  

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“You are already practicing medicine without a license, drugging yourself and everyone around you with your thoughts, emotions and words… get more conscious of which drugs you’re choosing.”