leadership & Acupuncture Skills for Social Change 

In Loving Commitment to the Work and Vision of Bob Duggan.

“Healing is fear on the right edge of what is dangerous.”
— Robert M. Duggan

Welcome to Human Wellness, (prior home to the Connelly- Duggan clan)* a hub for connecting professional practices such as acupuncture, nutrition, bodywork with individual consulting and workshops in practical wholistic leadership skills for individuals and corporations.

Human Wellness is where the art of curiosity, the Duggan Method becomes a skill for empowered living, wellbeing and the basis of effective leadership practices.  Where we honor the seven generations through breaking down the fallacies of work- life balance and know that our bodies are wise teachers- that "health is one of our most destructive modern certitudes"- that ideas about leadership through sacrifice and hard work are outdated.  Where the false silos of health, mindfulness, leadership, productivity and effectiveness break down to their most basic parts. Where leaders of corporations, communities and heads of households find the building blocks of common human experience and use it to catapult their personal and group's wellbeing.  

We invite you to try one of our services, bring our workshop to your workplace, or consult with us to design an impactful wellness or leadership offering for your organization with a minimum 9:1 ROI. 


The Connelly Duggan PHILOSOPHY

We observe rather than judge our body's wisdom. We know we are our our best primary care providers and that personal and social "medicine" comes in many forms.  Wellness and leadership are about the day-to-day and moment-to-moment choices we make. 


Founding FAMILY

WisdomWell’s practitioners and guides will help you address your immediate concerns and partner with you to create greater wellness through all the seasons of your life. We’re pleased to offer 100 years of collective experience in acupuncture, as well as expertise in leadership coaching for individuals and corporations.


Jade Connelly-Duggan

Acupuncture & Biology of Leadership

With a mission to reintegrate the generations and help you become the most effective practitioner for your own life and wellness, Jade founded WisdomWell in 2011 and later Human Wellness. A second-generation teacher of social and personal change principles and acupuncture, Jade began practicing in 2008, and developed the Leadership Apprentice program and 100 Well Familes with Bob Duggan in 2013.  


Dianne Connelly

Acupuncture & Medicine Words

Dianne is a pioneer in the world of acupuncture and a master of the power of language and the worlds our words create. She also is an advocate and devoted practitioner of rituals, ceremonies and celebrations. Her acupuncture career spans over 40 years.


Susan Duggan

Acupuncture & Bodywork

Susan skillfully and compassionately calls her patients, clients, and students to live more consciously. She began practicing acupuncture in 1997. A massage therapist and certified Zero Balancer, Susan has practiced bodywork for more than 25 years.

EVENTS & workshops

Join us for one of our upcoming events, workshops, and courses at WisdomWell. If you have questions, please contact us using the form below. 

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