Bodywork Massage & More

Bodywork consists of therapeutic and personal development techniques involving manipulative therapy (such as massage), energy medicine, or breath work (as in yoga).

WisdomWell currently offers two types of bodywork services: massage and Zero Balancing.  We also offer classes in Tai Chi and Yoga (check class schedule).

Massage is a form of therapeutic touch that involves the manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues.

Practiced for thousands of years by cultures around the globe, massage can be used to address a specific complaint or health issue, as an aid in the healing process, to increase flexibility and mobility, to relieve muscle tension, to promote overall well-being, and simply for relaxation.

Massage therapy is effective for pain relief, including back and neck pain and headaches, as well as for reducing joint stiffness and improving function. Massage improves circulation, helps regulate blood pressure, increases lymph flow, and reduces scar tissue. People receiving massage therapy report that they sleep better and feel less stressed. Studies show massage relieves short- and long-term anxiety and depression.

WisdomWell’s certified massage therapists will work with you to determine how the healing power of touch can best support you, your body, and your health.

Zero Balancing engages both structure and energy to bring about healing and enhance wellness.

Through skilled touch, this holistic therapy focuses on the key joints in our skeletons that have to do with posture, movement and the forces of gravity.  Zero Balancing (ZB) also attends to our soft tissues and energy fields.

In a typical session lasting 30-45 minutes, your practitioner will use finger pressure and gentle traction in the bones, joints and soft tissue to create fulcrums or points of balance, sometimes referred to as “still points,” around which the body can relax and reorganize.  The result is better postural alignment, clearer energy flow, and greater inner harmony and organization.

In conjunction with medical therapy, ZB can address specific goals such as pain relief and increased mobility, stability and balance.  ZB also is a powerful tool for the release of present and past physical, mental and emotional tension.  It helps reduce fatigue, enhances vitality, and supports the elimination of old habits and behaviors.  The effects of ZB can be profound and long-lasting.  ZB can enhance, sometimes significantly, the effectiveness of other modalities and is appropriate for all ages.