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Duggan Method Day Dec (Tandem Intensive Days)

Duggan Leadership and Wellness Skills Series

AN INTENSIVE DAY EACH MONTH FOR 12 MONTHS (either a Friday or Saturday) with coaching and guidance available between sessions and cross pollination with other learners in a private online group. We share materials that we are reading or viewing... reflective of curiosity related to the skills we are exploring. This is enables mastery of the twelve skills and the art of conversational curiosity. Ideally, you make a commitment to yourself and to us for at least a year of learning the entire skill set as they build upon one another.

*Please note registration is generally for EITHER FRIDAY OR SATURDAY starting at 9:30 am. You can attend both days if you wish. Email or text 443.803.6206 for more info or to register.

Tuition: $3000 per year with payment plans available. $300/day for drop-ins. Limited scholarships are available (and fundable!). Some organizations will pay for your leadership and communication training- ROI for basic wellness skills is 3:1 and our hybrid programs such as this one closer to 9:1. 

12 Core Duggan Wellness Skills:

The Basics:
Upset is optional: Observe emotions impacting my body
Symptoms as teachers: Learning from my body
Belly breathing: Observe how breathing changes my body.
Words are drugs: Watching words impact my body chemistry.

Getting along with others...
Acknowledgement: Noticing the physiological impact of acknowledgment.
Listening: Designing effective listening. 
Phenomena: Observing sensory awareness without labeling.
Reframing a situation: Choosing large mind.  
Clear Requests: Getting things done.

Putting it all together..
The Art of Conversation: Skillful speaking, curious questioning.
Mood: By design or by accident.
Generations: Who benefits from my commitment?

These habits are the harvest of 40 years of healing work... 
You learn to practice what empowers.

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