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FlowCatalyst: The Duggan Method Intensive August 2018

Use your body's GPS more effectively. Awaken Your Power Switches. Own your “light switches” for creating ease or disease moment to moment. Learn to use them intentionally and teach others in your life to have more ease as well. This workshop shows you how to live an empowered life so those around you are inspired to do so as well.  

This is a concise lesson in all 12 Duggan Method skills.  You will be able to implement these at home and work to stop adding unnecessary suffering and create your flow state more consistently and effectively. 

If you are pondering the yearlong Duggan Method program this is a great introduction and preparation for those deep dive days.  FlowCatalyst workshops are free for current Duggan Method enrollees. 

This workshop is offered 3 times a year.Space is Limited. Your ticket price supports a scholarship.