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F*ck Your Feelings, Fall In Love

A lot of people have asked us how we're so happy. And as it turns out we've got some really good practices... it's not by accident.. and lucky for you these are skills that can be learned... the simplest one is that "how i feel" at any given moment may be a much less crucial question than "how did i choose to feel this way?" being paradoxically curious about this and simultaneuosly not giving too many f*cks about it (yes, we'll teach skills for that too) leads not only to insight but also to deeper intimacy... 
anyhow jade's been teaching forever and q's no punches pulled means we will deliver value. if this doesn't save you from at least one unnecessary argument (and you're actually implementing!) we'll give your money back. seriously.
You are welcome to come with or without your partner.  Beta pricing is per couple. 

Earlier Event: January 13
January 2018 Duggan Method Day (Sat)
Later Event: February 9
Feb Duggan Method Day (Fri)